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  1. Bacon

    I don't know why it's not letting me in.

    Do not use account or password you can login as a guest.
  2. Bacon

    It says ... when i join?

    The link is currently not functional sorry!
  3. Bacon


  4. Bacon

    can the starbound server support fu?

    That is a very incompatible mod for MP sessions it's not possible to play with it sadly.
  5. Bacon

    so umm did server go down?

    if some case where the server does not return on tag our starbound staff on discord for quickest response
  6. Bacon

    link to rating list

    The vote link is still: However the rewards for it pretty much stalled due to data loss yeah :/
  7. Bacon

    A Long Overdue Post.

  8. Bacon

    I don't know why it's not letting me in.

    Heya, what is the error exactly you get?
  9. Bacon

    Forums anyone?

    Mostly centralizing on discord ;)
  10. Bacon

    Where to download the starbound client?

    Where you bought it, be that steam / GOG, etc
  11. Bacon

    How to know your account name?

    You don't use account name or password fields when joining the server.
  12. Bacon

    It says ... when i join?

    Hi you're not running the latest starbound client version.
  13. Bacon

    shenanigans when joining

    Hi, please report such situations on discord #support channel. Server has been normalized.
  14. Bacon

    iLoveBacons Starbound Future?

    Sadly yes, the potential of the title has vastly fell short. I mean you can always send an application with your ideas and what you'd like to do, that would require a more direct support from us to make viable ofc
  15. Bacon

    iLoveBacons Starbound Future?

    Hi, the starbound multiplayer scene has been in huge decay, with the game devs no longer pushing updates there is not much one can do but standing the maintenance of the game server. With the expected decay, ILB still is the most active SB server as far player density daily goes and that is...
  16. Bacon

    high pressure liquid

    Oh dear.
  17. Bacon

    Where did the Mods Showcase page go?

    Sadly the website faced data loss.
  18. Bacon

    dont want my planet to get broken

    Heya, you can send a direct message to request a manual backup of your world file.
  19. Bacon

    kishin vote

    what is a simp